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Year 6

"Alouette French Nursery Rhyme" Learn French with BASHO & FRIENDS

Le verbe Habiter au Présent'habite, tu habites, il habite, elle habite, on habite, nous habitons, vous habitez, ils habitent, elle...

Where I live in French | Beginner French Lessons for Children

In this beginner French lesson you will learn 10 French phrases for different places that people have their houses or flats including the French for: in a ci...

Où habites-tu ?

Places where you live.Help us caption & translate this video!

Rooms of the House in French (basic French vocabulary from Learn French With Alexa)

Alexa Polidoro, from, teaches you some basic French vocabulary: rooms in the house in French (part 1). Bisou Bisou 💋 Suppor...

La maison Level 2 French Comprehension Reading with English subtitles the vocabulary needed to describe, and talk about your house (la maison). Here you will learn how to say parts,...

Dans ma chambre - alain le lait

Dans ma chambre (objets de la chambre)© 2013 alain le laitMusic & animationwww.yadeeda.comFrench words with English translationDans ma chambre / In my bedroo...

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