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A letter from ACE


All this weeks lessons are available on the White Rose Maths website at

Open Summer Term Week 1. Watch the video, remembering to pause when it asks to answer any questions.  When you have finished watching you can then complete the activity sheet, there is an answer sheet to help you.  Complete one lesson per day, each lesson should take approximately 30-45 minutes.






Remember choose 1 task per day, start with the spellings first and read a book every day.


Task 1 – Spelling. This week’s spellings use the ‘ow’ and ‘ou’ digraphs.  Watch the powerpoint and then complete the stepping stone task.  Don’t forget to practise your spellings every day and ask someone to do a spell check with you on Friday.


Task 2 - Comprehension. Remember to choose which chilli challenge you want to complete, these are indicated by the number of stars at the bottom of the sheets.

Task 3 – Writing.  Write a postcard telling me what you got up to over the Easter break.  Remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Once you have written your postcard you can take a photo of it and e-mail it in. 

Task 4 – Grammar – Adding suffixes.  Read and work through the suffixes powerpoint and then complete the activity sheet. 



Read a children’s Bible (Acts Chapter 2) or watch an animation of the story of Pentecost. 

Talk about the story together and draw a picture to show what you remember from the story.  You could try to write some thought bubbles to describe how Jesus’ friends felt and what they were thinking.

Below is a link to another a helpful, short version with the context of the context of the story, told by children.



Our science topic for this half term is plants.  Follow the powerpoint about wild plants and on your daily exercise token take a walk and see if you can spot any of the wild plants.  Do you have any of the wild plants in your garden? 



Rainbow Challenge


For some fun see if you can complete this weeks Rainbow Challenge. 

Mrs Carson and I have loved all the photos and videos coming in to the class e-mail.  Keep them coming, they make us smile so much. 

Penny and Dudley didn’t forget to do their work either. Here they are on their wild plant hunts. 

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