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Happy days in Eagles Class

Good morning everyone and welcome to week one of the Summer Term. I  am disappointed that we aren't in school together and I will genuinely miss hearing your stories and seeing your smiley faces. However, I would like you to email any details and photographs of what you've been doing for our website. In my house baking has been popular and it has been amusing giving Mr Allan and Gregor a hair cut! Have any of the boys been under the clippers too?


You have all worked so hard in Eagles Class during the Autumn and Spring Terms and have made such good progress in all areas of the curriculum. I hope that we can maintain the momentum with our home learning.


I am sure that the adults in your house will be busy working from home if that is possible and supporting other family members, neighbours and people in the community where they can. However, if your parents and carers can assist  you with your learning, then please let them. They may have a different approach to the way we work in school but there is always more than one way to solve a problem!


Mrs Allan's Maths Class week 1

 Starter Activity

 As we do in school at the beginning of each maths lesson, pupils should complete         15 minutes of  ‘5 a day’ consolidation work from :

 Select the current date and choose the appropriate level of work – bronze, silver, gold or  platinum as you do in class.

 Mark your work using the answers on the Corbett Maths Primary page. If you struggle with a question or make a mistake dig deep to understand how the answer has been derived.


 Main Learning

 The children’s maths tasks can be found at:

  1. Click on year 6
  2. Select week 1
  3. Watch the lesson’s video carefully and re-watch if necessary
  4. Open the activity page and work through the questions as you would in class
    Chilli Challenge 1 – answer questions 1,2 and 3
    Chilli Challenge 2 – answer questions 1,2,3 4 and 5

    Chilli Challenge 3 – answer all questions
  5. Return to the website to open the answers and mark your work
    Do not put a ceiling on your learning, aim to get as far as you can in 30 minutes working carefully and thoughtfully. 


Summer 1 Week 1 Main Learning Objectives

Monday:           Bank Holiday

Tuesday:           Lesson 1    Using ratio language

Wednesday:      Lesson 2    Ratio and fractions

Thursday:         Lesson 3    Introducing the ratio symbol

Friday:              Lessson 4  Calculating ratio

Reading Week 1

 Please complete the next comprehension in your CGP book  and try to read as much as you can for pleasure or listen to a talking book which you can find online.

David Walliams to release one audio story a day - for the next 30 days!

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Week 1

Please continue to complete  2 sections per week of the SATs revision SPAG book and carry on working through the spelling dictation lists of the statutory year 5 /6 words.

Science Week 1

In science this half term we would have been studying  the human circulatory system; focusing in particular on the function of the heart.

For this week, as an introduction to the topic, please begin by writing down everything you already know about the heart and the lungs.

For example: Where are they located in the body? How are they protected? What is their job? What is your pulse? Where do you find it? You will know so much already I'm sure!


Once you have written your list, watch the YouTube video clip ( which is excellent) then open the PowerPoint below and make simple notes of the new things you have learned? Which list is longer? Look how much you have learned!


This is an ideal topic to create your own information booklet. There is lots of scope to include labelled diagrams, fact files, drawings and downloaded images. It would be fabulous to share your work on the website and hopefully we'll eventually be able to display it in the classroom.

Exploring the Heart - The Circulatory System!

Find out how the heart works and how blood flows through your body! This little red blood cell takes us on a ride through the body. See what happens as we go...

I completely understand that we can not replicate the classroom in our own homes but I hope you can be positive, motivate yourself and rise to the challenge of the tasks set this week. You will be expected to have more responsibility for your own learning as you move into KS3 at your new schools so let's use this as a stepping block if we can.

As I've already said children, please keep in touch using the Eagles Class email and send samples of your work and details of the other worth while activities you are doing with your families.

Maybe together we could organise a quiz for a couple of weeks time if everyone can submit a couple of questions?

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Allan



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