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Week 7



This week we are asking the whole school to have a think about how we have learned to put our school values into practice during the school year.  This might be in the classroom, on the playground or while you have been learning at home.

Remember, the four values are: GROW, ACHIEVE, CARE, COLLABORATE

Try to think of a story that matches one of the values.  It could be a Bible story, a faith story from any religion or maybe a picture book or traditional tale that you know well.

Talk about the story and how it shows a school value, with your family.  Then you could write about your ideas, draw a picture, make a poster or a model or even make a movie.






As we start our journey for the transition into Year 2 we would like you to share some information to different people for this weeks writing tasks.  

You are to write a fact file for a Fledgling child coming into Woodpeckers Class.  Remember to include information about school routines, timetables, what the classroom looks like, how the house point system works etc.  

You are to make an 'All About Me' for your new teacher.  Give them as much information you can about yourself. 

There are some templates provided or you can design your information sheets/posters. 



To round up and consolidate the science topic, please find the seasons and nature walk activities.  

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