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Week 7

Good morning,


Well Nightingale Class, we have made it to the final week of the school year. The final term has been rather different to any other final term in my career so far. I know that it has been very hard to learn at home so, to both you and your parents, well done for making it to the end! After this final week, you all deserve a huge round of applause and a change to rest.


Nightingales, I am very much looking forward to seeing you all later on today, when you come in for transition. Parents, I will be there for your children if anyone is feeling nervous.


Children, I will organise a final Zoom meeting for the end of the week. It will be an opportunity to share our favourite memories and have a chat.


One more week - we can do it!


Mrs T

Team Points

Thank you to everyone, children and adults, who have emailed me to let me know which pieces of work you've completed. You can start to join in with this whenever you want by simply asking an adult to email me (  on a Friday evening, with your name, house team and how many pieces of work you've completed that week. 


Here are the updated totals:


Ash: 97

Chestnut: 141

Elm: 217

Sycamore: 182


Each day, please do one of the assessments. You can choose whether you tackle the assessment like a test or like a normal piece if work. Get an adult to mark it with you. Can you correct any answers that you didn't get right on your first try?

Mrs Watkins's Maths Class - Instructions

To test yourself on some of your spelling words, ask an adult to work through some of the spelling dictation activities below.
As with the previous two weeks' grammar work, this week's work allows you to test yourself on the grammar. spelling and punctuation work that you have covered in year five. You can choose whether you work through this like a normal piece of work or like a test. 

Friday's English Work- Reading Comprehension

If you are in Mrs Watkins's class and your CGP book is finished, please do the task above. 

Project America

Please carry on with your Project America work.
Please choose another scientist to research.

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