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Week 6



This week in English pupils completed their work on autobiographies.  Having looked at an example of an autobiography, written by a school child, and looked at the features of an autobiography, pupils wrote their own thinking about their families, hobbies, interests, friends and dreams for the future.  Pupils completed two drafts of their autobiographies, which were a pleasure to read.  Not only were they extremely interesting and entertaining, but pupils included punctuation features such as colons, semicolons, question marks and exclamation marks at every available opportunity.

In maths pupils looked at fractions.  We began the week by looking at what a fraction is before looking at equivalent fractions and fractions that are more than one.

In science pupils discussed human evolution.  Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution built on the ideas of many theorists, who over the ages, had thought about the origins of human existence and the links between humans and other animals.  Over the course of the last century many fossils have been found that demonstrate the evolution of humans.

In RE pupils discussed what Jesus said about forming a community of faith.  Pupils thought of examples of how people in communities try to show their love and care for their neighbours.


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