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Week 6



This week pupils attempted to write a persuasive letter from a cotton mill worker to their employer, a cotton mill owner, during the time of the Industrial Revolution.

As well as looking at the terrible working conditions mill workers endured during this time, we have also been discussing the struggles they encountered with regards to fairer pay to support themselves and their families.  We discussed the main features of a persuasive letter and then attempted to identify these in an example.  Following this, we began planning the structure of our letters before starting to write them.  Pupils have worked very hard and have clearly enjoyed looking at the Industrial Revolution.

In our Jigsaw lesson we continued to look at stereotypes and how the life of a child working on a cocoa plantation in Ghana may differ from the life of a privately educated child who lives in a Ghanaian city.  We thought about who may live the happier life and whether having an abundance of material possessions can really make someone happy.

In Maths we have been looking at, and answering questions on, bar charts, tables and pictograms.  Pupils have been completing a wide variety of fluency, reasoning and problem-solving questions.  This coming week we will start to look at line graphs.


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