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Week 6

This week we began looking at our next key text, “Stickmen’s Guide to Engineering”.  The children explored why clear explanations are important by getting hands—on with some some devices and structures in games like Marble Run.  We are now working out how to write effective explanations of the design of the penny-farthing.

In our grammar bursts we learned about active and passive verb forms, swapping words around in sentences, role playing subjects and objects and using an animation and quiz from Espresso learning.  Year 6 Grammar homework revisits this (year 5 also have some work on verbs) so you might want to look again at the Espresso activities with your Disvovery Learning log in.

We learned about some little-known Victorians as part of Black History month in our history lesson.  The children discussed reasons why we know so little about black people in Britain in the 19th century, making some very thoughtful observations.


Our key text for the next to weeks

Our Jigsaw lesson this week asked to think about our role and behaviour within a group, to  understand the idea that the groups we belong to function better as a whole. We had a group challengers build the highest tower we could.  Team work, using everyone’s talents, ideas and contributions, definitely proved to be the key to success.


Team challenge!

Harvest festival was celebrated in our Friday worship. Our upper Key Stage 2 pod gathered together, appropriately distanced, in the hall while lower Key Stage 2 joined us online.  We refelected, read from the  Bible, prayed and sang together. It was, of course, a very different celebration from usual, but nonetheless we enjoyed coming together as a school community.



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