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Week 6


This week in RE we will be looking at different ways to care.  

Year One Maths
Year One Phonics
Year One Spelling

Year 1 - English Reading, Writing and Grammar

Year Two Maths

To support this week's work, continue to use the printed clock from last week. I have uploaded it again below.


Here is an interactive clock that can also be used to support their learning 


Year Two Spelling


Year Two Phonics


Year Two Reading, Writing and Grammar


This week, we are looking at temperature. I have included a PowerPoint about how to use a thermometer. There is also an activity sheet to record the temperature each day this week. If you do not have a temperature gauge, you can explore the temperature using a weather app.   



This week's lesson is all about Henry's relationship with Christianity and his wives. 

The PowerPoint gives you information about Henry, Christianity at the time and his wives. 

There is also an ordering activity to find out more about Tudor Christianity. 

Finally, there is a recording activity, which you can use to write down everything you have learnt about Henry VIII.  

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