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Week 6

Welcome to the Eagle's Art Gallery

Another Week of High Achievments

Celebrating Eid

Great science

Maths Tasks Week 6

We continue to use White Rose Maths and the teaching  videos remain at

We are using the resources for week 5 (W/B 18th May)

However, the worksheets and answers are no longer provided free of charge so I have uploaded them below.

This week you will be multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and multiplying and dividing decimals.

On Friday please continue with your CGP revision book completing a topic of your choice in both the standard and advanced books.

Grammar and Punctuation

Year 6 Stretch Targeted Question Book

Please complete 2 sections weekly, ensuring that you read the explanation at the top of each section carefully first.

10–Minute Tests Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Please complete one test per week as you did for homework each week when we were in school.

Reading Comprehension

Please complete the next comprehension in the CGP book we used in school for book club.

Science Task Week 6

Music Task Week 6

In this week's lesson, again from the Oak National Academy, you will learn to identify pulse and rhythm in music.

You will find it here:

RE Task Week 6

Last week we learned about Ramadan.  At the end of this season of fasting, there is a celebration, in the festival of Eid-al-fitr.   This year, the festival takes place around the 24th May. Read about different ways that the festival is celebrated around the world here:


You could watch this clip (it’s from CBeebies, but it explains all the customs very clearly!):

When you have found out about Eid, make a poster to illustrate all the ways that Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated.


For a deeper challenge, think of a faith festival that you have celebrated (for example, Christmas) and compare the similarities and differences. 

To extend your thinking even further, can you think of other festivals that follow a period of fasting?  Why do you think followers of different religions observe periods of fasting or sacrifice?  Often it is to do with preparing themselves, working towards a festival or celebration.  Write or talk to someone at home about your ideas.

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