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Week 6

Hi Owls, we have nearly made it to the end of term. This week is our last week of Summer 1. Over the Half Term holiday, you can continue to access any of the work you haven’t completed and the resources on White Rose and Bitesize. I have attached additional resources at the bottom of this page for those of you who would like to use them. I hope you will continue to learn new skills, read and have fun. Getting as much fresh air and exercise as you can, will really help pass the time and boost your mood, I know it has for me.


I know some of you have really enjoyed learning about the Amazon Rainforest, so it would be great if you kept learning new things about our topic. You can then send me any of the projects you complete when we come back after half term holiday. You can access our Bug Club throughout the holiday too, if you need more books assigning to you just get in touch. However, you need to make sure you complete the questions attached to the book while reading, before I can assign more books to you. If you have any problems or questions around accessing any of the resources, please get in touch.


I hope we will be able to be back at school soon but for now keep being the amazing children you are, staying safe and well at home with your grown-ups.

What have the Owls been up to this week? 

Mia has painted a rock to look like a frog. What a great idea!

You have done lots of research Avya, well done.

Great work Evan, you have done some super map work.

Super work Bhuvana. You have put a lot of effort into this, well done.



This week you will be looking at multiplication using arrays and multiplication tables/facts. I have uploaded the worksheets, anwers and a document with the video links for the week.



This week's spellings are common exception words. I have uploaded the resources, remember they are not all mandatory. 



This week we complete the focus 'eer' say 'ear' and the focus 'ture' say 'cher'. There are 6 lessons this week to ensure you complete the focus, as half term starts next week. 



I'd like you to look at subordinating conjunctions this week. I have uploaded some activities to support the PowerPoint.




This week, we are looking at the continent that the Amazon Rainforest is found in. I have uploaded a PowerPoint from the GoJetters who explore South America along with a link to an episode of the GoJetters and Andy's Safari Adventures that links with our topic really well. I would like you to create a multiple choice quiz all about the Amazon Rainforest, like the one in the GoJetter's PowerPoint. You can use facts that you have learnt along the way or find out some extra ones to create a quiz. It doesn't need to be long, 3 questions is more than enough.

Remember to use questions starters, such as;








Send them too me and I will put them together for you in a PowerPoint and upload for everyone to have a go at over half term.


The PowerPoint has been split into 3 parts due to the file size.


Additional Resources


These are resources you can use during the half term holiday. These are not mandatory.

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