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Week 5



This week in English pupils started to look at newspaper reports.  We started the week looking at the features of a newspaper report.  The features we discussed were facts, direct speech, reported speech, writing in the third person, writing in the past tense and formal language.  We then looked at examples of newspaper reports and attempted to identify as many examples of these features as possible. We ended the week by starting to write a newspaper report about a series of climate change protests attended largely by young people and school children.

In maths pupils have been continuing to look at fractions.  We looked at multiplying non-unit fractions by an integer, multiplying mixed numbers by integers and calculating fractions of quantities.

In science pupils conducted an experiment on pulse rates.  Pupils were divided into equal groups and each group completed a series of physical activities.  After each activity pupils measured their pulse rate.  They then looked at which activities produced the highest pulse rates.


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