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Week 5

This week we came into the breaking news that two trolls had been spotted in the EYFS wooded area.  This led us to exploring Traditional Tales and learning how to make a story map.  We had some fantastic oral re-tells with lots of expression! We even had some drama performances of our re-tells to the group.  

In maths we did lots of practical work ready to start addition next week.  We all had bowls of fruit to make our ‘whole’ and then we split them into groups or ‘parts’ ready to use part-whole models.  

In science we made models of animals and had to describe these, we needed to identify how animal bodies are different. We also had PE and continued gaining skills ready to play some group games.  If your child can’t remember exactly what we were doing, ask them about the ‘tails’ and see if that jogs their memories. 

I’m extremely proud of how hard the children are all working on the fabulous learning

happening in the class.  

Some of the Bug Club online books are the same as the hard copy books, if you find your child has the same book, just drop me an e-mail at and I can allocate a new book.  



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