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Week 5

******* bag2school pick up, Friday 10th July *******


Please drop off any bag (or bags) by 8.45am being mindful of social distancing when dropping them off.  Bags are to be left on the grass verge on the driveway slope.  Many thanks in advance. 

Swallows Class Blog Week 5 Summer 2 


Good Morning Swallows!

It was just so great to see so many of you on Friday at the class zoom session. What an awesome bunch you are! 

Don't worry if you couldn't join us - we have two more sessions where you can.

India and Alexia have come up with some great ideas for the next zoom meeting, so if you have any please let me know via the class email address.

This weekend, is a special anniversary for our NHS (do you remember what this stands for, from our quiz?).  It is 72 years old.  Will you be taking part in the special clap on Sunday?

Just wondering if you know or could find out where 'the birthplace for the NHS' is?  It's not far from us and you may even have visited that hospital.  Who opened it and in what year?

Happy researching!

Mrs C xxxx





This week our RE learning is based on an excellent resource recommended to us by our education colleagues at Chester Diocese.  The Diocese of Canterbury produced this PowerPoint for children and families to use as a home worship resource.  Look at the PowerPoint presentation and talk about it with someone at home.  Talk about the pictures and the Bible story.

Challenge 1:  Read the question on slide 17.  What do you think? Are there people who feel left out, “not part of the crowd”, alone?  Write a paragraph to explain who might be “lost sheep” today. 

Challenge 2: Listen to God of Justice (We Must Go) by Tim Hughes from the link on slide 20.  Make a presentation of your own, to encourage people to stand up for fairness and equality.  It might be a piece of persuasive writing, a poem, a poster or song, or anything else you can think of.

Challenge 3: What do you think it means by “…keep us just from singing, Move us into action”? Can you think of any Bible or other stories that have this message?

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