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Week 5

Maths Lessons

We continue to use White Rose Maths and the teaching videos remain at

We are using the resources for week 10 (W/B 29th June)

The worksheets and answers for Monday to Thursday can be found below.

This week you will be finding the area, perimeter and volume of shapes.

On Friday please continue with your CGP revision book completing a topic of your choice in both the standard and advanced book.

Project America

Over the next three weeks, taking us up until the end of term, we would like you to research and present your own project: Project America.


We have been learning about the geography of South America and about some significant people and events in the history of North America. 


We would like you to find out about some other aspects of the history of the different parts of America. For example the Mayan or Aztec civilisations or America's role in the 'Space Race'.


You will also find out about the geography of North America. That could include rivers and mountains, lakes and National Parks. You could find out about the different states of the USA.


You can choose how you present you work. 

  • Posters
  • Fact files
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Non-chronological reports
  • Video 


Project America History

The Mayans

Who were the Mayan people and what was important about their civilisation?

Find out at:


Christopher  Columbus

How did Columbus find his way to America?


The Boston Tea Party

Why did protesters throw boxes of tea into the sea?


4th July

Why is this date important to Americans? Find out here:



Project America Geography

The Great Lakes

Which lakes are called “great”, and why?

Watch at:

Read at: Great Lakes PowerPoint

USA:  Research the states and their capitals.  Locate them on a map and present the information. You can have fun on again the Seterra Geography Games website finding the states and their capitals.


Flags:  Search the flags of all the countries of North and South America and draw them


The Rainforest: How is human activity putting the rainforest under threat?


National Parks

If you were going on holiday to Canada, which of these would you visit and why? What about the USA? Or what about South American countries?

Project America Culture

Scott Joplin

Watch at:  including performance of Maple Leaf Rag


Nick Cave

Read the text then scroll down to watch the interview:


Native American Culture

Read, watch and try out some crafts here:,used%20seal%20or%20caribou%20skin.



What are the most popular sports in Canada? In Jamaica? In Brazil?

Which American sportspeople do you admire, and why?


RE Task

UKS2 (Y5/6)

This week our RE learning is based on an excellent resource recommended to us by our education colleagues at Chester Diocese.  The Diocese of Canterbury produced this PowerPoint for children and families to use as a home worship resource.  Look at the PowerPoint presentation, then tell your family what you have learned.

We are going to focus on the message on slide 5. 

Challenge 1: Read the Bible passage from James chapter 2 on the slide.  Take some time to reflect on this passage.  Answer the three questions on the slide.

Challenge 2: Complete challenge 1.  When we treat a person or group better than another, we call this “partiality”. Can you think of an example of partiality that you have seen in the world today, or in recent history? (It might help you if you think about the learning we have doing recently about the Civil Rights Movement.) 

Challenge 3: Listen to Mark Yule speaking about this Bible reference and partiality on this link:  (Listen to the first 7 minutes 30 seconds). 

Imagine you were the receptionist in the story about the man who wanted to donate to the church.  What would you have done?  Would you have stuck to your principles about using polite language and being respectful, or would you have agreed to “get the big fat pig right now”?  Remember, the donation might have been used to do a lot of good for others.  Explain your reasoning and give other examples of conflicting demands on our principles and values.


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