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Week 5

Another busy week for the Eagles. Thank you for your contributions everyone.

Maths Tasks Week 5

We continue to use White Rose Maths and the teaching  videos remain at

We are using the resources for week 4 (W/B 11th May)

However, the worksheets and answers are no longer provided free of charge so I have uploaded them below.

It's fractions again this week but multiplying and dividing and finding fractions of amounts.

On Friday please continue with your CGP revision book completing a topic of your choice in both the standard and advanced books.



Grammar and Punctuation

Year 6 Stretch Targeted Question Book

Please complete 2 sections weekly, ensuring that you read the explanation at the top of each section carefully first.

10–Minute Tests Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Please complete one test per week as you did for homework each week when we were in school.

Reading Comprehension

Please complete the next comprehension in the CGP book we used in school for book club.

Science Task Week 5

We are coming to the end of this science unit now, I have seen some fantastic work and know that many of you have enjoyed the topic.

This week your task is to persuade someone of your own age to swap their current unhealthy lifestyle for a healthy one.

Remember all those persuasive devices we used when we wrote to Trafford Council in an attempt to persuade them to plant more trees:.

       Surely you must agree …..

       Can you imagine …..

       How would you feel if …..

You could produce a letter, a report, a power point presentation, a leaflet using publisher or any other vehicle you wish to get your point over that choosing a healthy lifestyle is the right choice.


The presentation below helps to summarise what you have learned so far.

RE Task Week 5   

We have been learning about the Christian concept of trinity and in particular the Holy Spirit.

This week we are going to learn about another world faith.  Muslims are currently observing Ramadan, a time of special prayer and fasting.

Watch this clip.

Make a simple fact sheet to explain what happens during Ramadan.  Remember, many Muslims do not think it is right to draw or paint images of people, so consider carefully how to illustrate your text.

For a deeper challenge to your thinking, can you write about why Muslims fast and observe Ramadan?  Why is so important?  What might be difficult?  What might be the “rewards”?

To take this even further, can you think of other religious groups who follow a period of fasting, or “difficult” observances?  Can you say what you think about this choice, and describe how it relates to your own beliefs? 


Art Task Week 5

In this lesson we will look at an Optical Illusion artwork before creating our own. You will learn to shade in to show that an object is three-dimensional.

 I know how talented so many of you are and I would love to see your finished work.

Dance Task Week 5

In this lesson you will learning to dance the Charleston. It should be fun!

Music Task Week 5


Have a go at drumming and percussion. The lesson begins slowly and you may initial think it's too easy but stick with it!

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