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Week 5

Here are your home learning activities for week beginning 11th May.

Please continue to work through the dictation sentences to practise the words on the Y5/6 spelling list.  You could also spend time reviewing the patterns we have learned this year, from your spelling homework folder and book.


Year 6 please continue to work through your CGP Grammar book.  Let me know if you find anything tricky.


Kingfisher Book Club group, please do another comprehension from your CGP book and remember to check the answers and look carefully at how you could improve your own responses.


Children in Mrs Allan's and Mrs Taylor's maths groups, remember to go to Eagles and Nightingales pages to find your work.



We have been learning about the Christian concept of trinity and in particular the Holy Spirit.

This week we are going to learn about another world faith.  Muslims are currently observing Ramadan, a time of special prayer and fasting.

Watch this clip.

Make a simple fact sheet to explain what happens during Ramadan.  Remember, many Muslims do not think it is right to draw or paint images of people, so consider carefully how to illustrate your text.

For a deeper challenge to your thinking, can you write about why Muslims fast and observe Ramadan?  Why is so important?  What might be difficult?  What might be the “rewards”?

To take this even further, can you think of other religious groups who follow a period of fasting, or “difficult” observances?  Can you say what you think about this choice, and describe how it relates to your own beliefs? 


There is also a suggestion for collective worship at home, about the theme of hope, in the RE and Worship section of the website.

French - some new suggestions from Nathalie

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