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Week 5

Another fantastic week of fun and learning. Well done.



We have been learning about the Holy Spirit, reading some stories from the Bible and thinking about what these mean to Christian people.

This week we going to find out about another religion, called Islam.  The people who follow this faith are called Muslims and it is a special time for them at the moment, called Ramadan.

Watch this clip and try to answer these questions. (You don’t have to write the answers, you can tell somebody at home.)

Can you remember the name that Muslims use for God?  What about their holy book?  What is the name of the prophet who told the story?  How do you think the camel’s owner felt when the prophet told him to take better care of his camel?  Why do you think he felt like this?  What do you think?

The story shows why Muslims think it is important to care for all creatures, whatever their size.  When you go outside, have a look and see if you can spot any tiny creatures.  Watch them for a little while and think about the story.  You could try making a “bug hotel” to look after the tiny creatures you find.  You can look here for ideas :


Maths videos can still be found here

Worksheets and their answer sheets now have to be downloaded from the school website rather than the White Rose website.  




Answer the question, ‘Where on Earth is the Amazon Rainforest?’

This can be completed over the whole week or within two ‘lessons’.

Research and then make a poster. 

You can include

  • How far away is the Amazon Rainforest?
  • How big is the Amazon Rainforest?
  • Which countries is it in?
  • Pictures/ photos/ maps

Try to use Google Earth/ Maps and any other virtual reality to explore this part of the world. - rainforest soundtracks - virtual reality tour (able to pan) - tour with soundscore 

Writing challenge

Would you like to visit the Amazon Rainforest? Explain why.


In science this week you will be learning about plants that we eat.  Read through the following presentations and then complete the 'on the farm' sheet.  



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