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Week 4



This week in English pupils wrote the final draft of their persuasive text.  As well as using persuasive features, such as an engaging opening statement, short sentences for effect and persuasive phrases, pupils were asked to include as many persuasive devices as they could using the acronym AFOREST.  The letters in AFOREST stand for alliteration, facts, opinions, repetition and rhetorical questions, emotive language and exaggeration, statistics and three (rule of).  Pupils wrote their own persuasive texts on the issue of climate change and thought of their own examples of AFOREST devices to use.  As well as this, students were also asked to write a final draft of their Manchester poem, which was inspired by Tony Walsh’s This is the Place.

In maths pupils have been continuing to look at fractions.  We looked at subtracting fractions, subtracting mixed numbers, subtracting fractions when breaking the whole, subtracting two mixed numbers and multiplying fractions by an integer.

In science pupils looked at the way in which water and nutrients are transported around the body.

In RE pupils continued to discuss what evidence there is for the resurrection and what hope the story gives to Christians.


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