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Week 4



This week in English we continued to look at biographies.  Having previously attempted writing biographies of Emmeline Pankhurst, pupils were this week given a choice of four people from Greater Manchester (Marcus Rashford, Professor Brian Cox, Tony Warren and L.S. Lowry) to write a biography about.  Pupils had to conduct research on their chosen person and create a boxed-up plan of their biography before starting their main activities.  The standard of the biographies written was very high, with pupils trying to include as many features of a biography as possible in their work.

In Maths pupils continued their work on multiplication and division, answering a series of fluency, reasoning and problem-solving questions on column multiplication.

In Science pupils looked at evolution and the life and findings of Charles Darwin, discussing the impact of his book ‘On the Origin of Species’, published in 1859.

In RE pupils looked at the roles and responsibilities of religious leaders such as Priests, Rabbis and Imams.


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