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Week 4

Here are your learning suggestions for maths, English, RE, history, geography and art.  

How are you getting on with your science investigation work, posted last week?  Keep going with this and send me your results when you are ready.



This half term we have been learning about the Good News stories in the Gospels.

I would like you to think a little bit more deeply about whether stories, and faith stories in particular, are important.

Log in to Espresso Learning (if you have forgotten how to get in, details are on our English learning this week) and search “Children no longer read Bible stories”.

This should take you to an archived news report from The Telegraph newspaper, 2014.  Read the article. 

CC1 What do you think?  Write your own views on this, related to your own knowledge and experience of the Bible. 

CC2 Think about our learning in English recently; we explored the idea that “Knowledge is Power”.  Do you think that knowledge of the Bible, or other religious texts, gives people power?

CC3 For a further challenge, think about how we respect people’s personal beliefs.  Do you think the author of this report was a Christian?  What makes you think this? Do you think readers of different faiths would respond differently to this report? Re-write the report to make it more inclusive and respectful of different faiths.

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