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Week 4

Some excellent work and passionate speeches. Thank you everyone.

Maths Lessons

We continue to use White Rose Maths and the teaching videos remain at

We are using the resources for week 9 (W/B 22nd June)

The worksheets and answers for Monday to Thursday can be found below.

This week you will be finding the area, perimeter and volume of shapes.

On Friday please continue with your CGP revision book completing a topic of your choice in both the standard and advanced book.

Geography Lesson

This week we are beginning to look at the human geography of South America rather than the physical geography.

Firstly, please watch 2 short video clips

The first, on BBC bite size KS2, explains Climate Zones around the world and will recap on your learning from week 2. It can be found using the link below

The second, ‘An overview of South America’ can be found on YouTube at the following link below


Now you should open the ‘South America slide4’ file

 Read the information carefully. When you get to the slide with the map and population figures see if you can guess which country has which population. The last slide will reveal the answers!


Finally your task

Choose one of the challenges, which ever you choose, you will need to undertake some independent research

Challenge A   Complete fact file A requiring 4 pieces of information per country

Challenge B   Complete fact file B requiring 5 pieces of information per country

Challenge C   Complete fact file C requiring 6 pieces of information per country

History Lesson

After learning about Apartheid in South Africa last week we are now going to find out how Nelson Mandela helped to bring an end to it.

Firstly, watch the short video (2:31) ‘Nelson Mandela Facts!’ On You Tube at the link below.

After watching the video can you answer the following questions?

How long did Nelson Mandela spend in prison?

What was the ANC?

What year was Nelson Mandela sent to prison?

On what date in 1990 was he finally released?

In which year did Nelson Mandela become the president of South Africa?

If not, watch it again so that you’ve got all the facts.


Next you should go to the DUCKSTERS education site page below to develop your understanding of how Nelson Mandela managed to end Apartheid. If you prefer to listen to the information rather than reading it then click on the sound button at the bottom of the page. Once you have read the information it or listened to it try the quiz to test your understanding.


In 2020 it was the 30 year anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison. Watch the CBBC Newsround video clip below where a black South African lady explains how she and her family felt the day Nelson Mandela was released.


Now you should open the Nelson Mandela PowerPoint and read the information carefully.

Finally your challenges, choose one from the following.

Challenge 1 – Who, What, Where, Why and How? Create a mind map of Nelson Mandela’s life using the 5 question words as an aid.

Challenge 2 – Does Nelson Mandela deserve a statue? Write an argument for or against erecting a statue of Nelson Mandela.

Challenge 3 – If he were still alive and you were invited to interview Nelson Mandela what questions would you ask him?


RE Lesson

UKS2 (Y5/6)

This half term we have been learning about the Good News stories in the Gospels.

I would like you to think a little bit more deeply about whether stories, and faith stories in particular, are important.

Log in to Espresso Learning (if you have forgotten how to get in, details are on our English learning this week) and search “Children no longer read Bible stories”.

This should take you to an archived news report from The Telegraph newspaper, 2014.  Read the article. 

CC1 What do you think?  Write your own views on this, related to your own knowledge and experience of the Bible. 

CC2 Think about our learning in English recently; we explored the idea that “Knowledge is Power”.  Do you think that knowledge of the Bible, or other religious texts, gives people power?

CC3 For a further challenge, think about how we respect people’s personal beliefs.  Do you think the author of this report was a Christian?  What makes you think this? Do you think readers of different faiths would respond differently to this report? Re-write the report to make it more inclusive to and respectful of different faiths.


Art Lesson

We have another Art Lesson from Oak National Academy this week.

Henri Matisse and Collage

You will learn about a famous artist and use collage techniques to produce your artwork.

As always, I would be delighted to receive a photo of your finished work.


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