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Week 4

Bubble Two were in!

Still image for this video
Another fabulous week back in a bubble.

Home learning - well done everyone 😀


Last week we learned about a Bible story where Jesus made a miracle to make people better.  Christian people believe that Jesus can make them feel better when they pray.

Talk about this with your family.  Does it make you feel better to talk to someone about things that make you sad or worried? Parents and carers, you could use this resource  Maybe you child would like to sing the song or make a Feelings Face.

Your family might like to pray together to tell God how you are feeling.



We continue to use White Rose maths.







Create a “Take a Break” spot.

Find a space in your house where you feel you can be calm and quiet. It doesn’t have to be somewhere on your own.  Make sure you’re nice and comfy. What would you like to have in your space that would help you relax? (lump of playdough to squeeze, beads on a string, a soft teddy, take a small box and pop a few items inside, you can grab the box from a safe place and head to your “Take a Break” spot when you would like a little quiet time to relax. 

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