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Week 4

Hello Owls

It was lovely to see and talk to you last week via Zoom. I know it is not how we would usually do a ‘Show and Tell’ but you all did a great job. Your speaking and listening skills were super and I can tell you have all been up to some great stuff at home. You are all doing a fantastic job and I want you to feel proud of yourself for all the work you have done so far. I know it can be difficult at times but remember to give yourself time to unwind (look at the Wellbeing section I have added to the bottom of our home learning this week) and try to spend quality time with your family away from the home learning.

Hopefully, we can have another Zoom very soon to have a fun quiz. If you want to make some suggestions for questions/ categories for our quiz, that would be fabulous. School has been super busy, so I apologise if I did not uploaded your pictures last week, but I have added them to this week’s picture gallery. I will be working with Nursery for the remainder of the term to support the children who are coming back, but please keep sending in pictures/ emailing with updates/ asking questions and I will get back to you as soon as I can. It might be a jump in muddy puddles kind of week this week, as I think don’t think the sun will be around very much.


All my best,

Miss Ward

What have the Owls been up to? 

Lukas has created his own Topic folder to put all of his research in. Great idea.

Charlie wanted to share a message with everyone in Owls, letting us know what he has been up to.

Still image for this video

Evan has created Henry 8th family tree and researched my 'Find Out' questions. Great work Evan.

Mia has also created a video of her reading her original story. Super story writing and reading.

Still image for this video

Mia has been working on our Science topic of the seasons and has created her own clock.

Taya has been out and about, enjoying the summer flowers.


This week would be a great opportunity to explore mass and volume. You can do this through filling different containers, using weighing scales and following recipes. 


Oops I uploaded last week's Maths again. I have uploaded the correct work now.


English - Reading, Writing and Grammar

I hope you enjoyed the English booklet last week. Here is another all about the Magical Teaching Box. Give it a go and let me know what you think.  


Have a look at our Science PowerPoint about the weather in Summer. Can you create a weather report using the template and weather symbols? 


This Week I have found a slide show all about the clothing during the Tudor era. There’s lots of information all about the different types of clothing and who wore what.


Here is another link to an interactive resource.


Once you have learnt all about their clothing, have a go at colouring and labelling the pictures of the wealthy Tudors.


Sign Language: Last Lesson

In our last lesson, Mr Tyrese teaches us his favourite sign and the signs for a few countries.


Create a “Take a Break” spot.

Find a space in your house where you feel you can be calm and quiet. It doesn’t have to be somewhere on your own.  Make sure you’re nice and comfy. What would you like to have in your space that would help you relax? (lump of playdough to squeeze, beads on a string, a soft teddy, take a small box and pop a few items inside, you can grab the box from a safe place and head to your “Take a Break” spot when you would like a little quiet time to relax.  

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