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Week 4

Week beginning Monday 4th May.


Hello to all the Eagles and welcome to week 4 of the Summer Term. I hope you are well, have enjoyed the weekend and are ready for the week ahead.

Your learning tasks are on the Class News Week 4 page. The challenges of learning from home differ depending on your circumstances and the tasks should not overwhelm you or cause anxiety, please do what you can as well as you can.

You will be doing many other things of great value and benefit to you, if you would like to share photographs of this please don't be shy, send them to it really is great to receive them.

Be kind, be happy and enjoy being with your lovely families.

Thank you for sharing your work and experinces this week

Maths Tasks Week 4

There are 4 days work of fractions this week, nothing for Friday as it is a bank holiday. You are all fantastic at fractions and the videos are there to remind you of the rules.

Grammar and Punctuation

As this is a 4 day week there is no grammar and punctuation work.


Reading Comprehension

Please complete the next comprehension in the CGP book we used in school for book club.

RE Task Week 4

Waiting for things can be hard, can’t it?  At the moment we are all waiting for school, shops, playgrounds, cinemas and clubs to open up so that we can meet our friends and enjoy ourselves together.

To begin with please watch this video clip

Then read the text below


Could you write a prayer to help people to be calm and patient at this time?

Alternatively, create a piece of art that you think would help somebody to feel calm.

If you are happy to share your work with the rest of the class then please email it to and I will post it on next week's web page.

Science Task Week 4

This week we are going to investigate further the benefits of exercise.

Firstly, please watch the video before compiled by the British Heart Foundation

(What happens inside you body when you exercise)


and this one from Moomoomath and science

(Benefits of exercise)


Next, please read the information on the document below


Finally, please create a leaflet explain to other young people the importance of exercise.

It should be eye catching, engaging and informative.

Remember to include the effect on our bodies (muscles, bones and circulation system) and the effect on our brains and wellbeing too. Remember the importance of images on a leaflet too. You can draw your own or down load pictures improving your IT skills at the same time.

As always, I'm looking forward to seeing the end results and we can share them next week.



Art Task Week 4

Using Visual Texture to Add Interest to our Artwork

Once again this lesson comes from Oak National Academy

This takes the techniques you tried last week a bit further.  I think some of you will enjoy experimenting with these techniques and you will produce some amazing work!

Send me a picture of your results to




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