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Week 4

Here are your home-learning activities for this week, Kingfishers.

Remember to make sure your parents know when you are online and which websites you are visiting.

Please ask them to have a look at this week's science work before you begin.


For your spelling work, please continue with your dictation sentences.

Year 6, please carry on working through your CGP Grammar books.

Kingfisher Book Club group, please do another a comprehension from your CGP books.




Waiting for things can be hard, can’t it?  At the moment we are all waiting for school, shops, playgrounds, cinemas and clubs to open up so that we can meet our friends and enjoy ourselves together.  Watch this clip:

We have been learning about Pentecost.  The disciples must have found it hard to wait patiently for the Holy Spirit, as this version of the story suggests:

One of the last things Jesus said to his disciples was that they should wait in Jerusalem for his Spirit to come. So they waited, altogether, meeting in a large house, often eating together. But most of the time, they were waiting and praying. I wonder what they thought they were waiting for? What would happen when the Spirit of Jesus came? They also spent most of the time hiding from the authorities who had persuaded Pilot, the Roman Governor, to allow them to kill Jesus. So, whilst the disciples were thrilled that Jesus was alive again, they were still very scared of the religious authorities. A number of days passed. How long were they to wait? Had they missed it?   (from

Sometimes, waiting for something can be exciting – think about Christmas Eve, or getting ready for a special party.  But sometimes waiting can be frustrating and it can make us anxious. It can be difficult to concentrate or to keep still.  Sometimes, when people are waiting, they pace up and down and fiddle with things.  It can make us snappy and cross. With patience, we can try to stay calm, to be quiet and wait and be still. Maybe the disciples waited patiently, quietly and, especially, they must have been praying too.

Here is a Christian prayer asking for patience:

Dear God, Help us to do something amazing! To be patient when we have to wait. Help us to be patient with others around us.  Help us to wait for You, not that You would be late, but that You are worth waiting for! Thank you that you love us so very much, that you are keen to listen when we pray, and that you can’t wait to show us your love. May we be quick to show others around us that we love them, too.


Could you write a prayer to help people to be calm and patient at this time?

Alternatively, create a piece of art that you think would help somebody to feel calm.

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