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Week 4

Doves Class Blog Week 4 Summer 1 

Good Morning Doves,

Welcome to week 4 of home learning. Firstly thank you so much to all of you for working so hard and to your amazing parents. Please do not worry if you can’t complete everything just do your best. If you don’t have a printer do not worry just do all your work on paper. I miss you all so much and I hope we can all be together again soon. Remember to have a growth mindset. Please also note this is only a four day week as Friday is a bank holiday. I love seeing all of your work and achievements, it makes me smile and feel so proud of you all.  We are all learning together and if you need anything please feel free to ask.

Keep well and stay safe.

Keep smiling. 

Speak to you all soon,

Miss Baxter



Hi Doves,

Each week I will post spellings from the year 3/4 list in the national curriculum. You will all have a copy of this at home in your learning pack.  These resources are additional as I would still like you to learn your regular weekly spellings. Please find the link to the spelling list and activities below:

I recommend that you do set 1 this week.

Thank you so much for your support.

Happy spelling,

Miss Baxter



Year 3 and Year 4 Additional Writing Task

Year 3 and Year 4 RE



Hello Doves,

I hope you had a good weekend and I hope week 4 day 1 went well.

Thank you for all of the kind messages today.


Let’s have a look at what you have all been up to.


Great English, maths and science work here. It’s good to see that you are enjoying the science topic. Keep up the hard work and growth mindset. Well done!

Brilliant maths and English work. Keep up the hard work. Well done!

Let’s see who has been on TT Rockstars this weekend and today.

Well done to Arush, Sophia, Ben, Henry, Luke, Eben, Sasha and Amber.


This week is hedgehog awareness week (3rd-9th May).

You may want to draw a hedgehog as part of the event. Here is a link below.


If you do take part, please email your drawings. We can share them on the class blog.


Well done everybody!

Keep up the hard work and remember ‘The Power of YET!’

Miss Baxter


Good Evening Doves,

I hope you enjoyed doing your reading comprehension today.


Well done for great English, maths, science, guitar lessons and garden games.

Keep up the hard work!

Who’s been on TT Rockstars today?

Well done to Zara, Arush, Sophia and Eben.


Keep learning,

Miss Baxter  


Good evening Doves,

I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine.


Weekly message from Cathy.

Well done!

Brilliant maths, English, reading and garden games.

Keep up the growth mindset.

Well done!

Brilliant maths, English and science. I am glad you have enjoyed playing penguin division.

Keep up the growth mindset.

Well done!

Brilliant maths. Great planning in English today. I am glad that you are enjoying playing Lego and TT Rockstars.

Keep up the growth mindset.

Who’s been on TT Rockstars today?

Well done to Mary, Arush, Lily C, Keita, Sophia and Charlotte.


Thank you to Dilara for the first hedgehog entry.

Brilliant drawing Dilara.

Please keep your drawings coming.

I also found another hedgehog house idea for you. Here is it is.

Happy drawing everyone,

Miss Baxter


Hello to all the amazing Doves,

Well done on completing another week of online learning. You are all fabulous and I am so proud.

Let’s see what Doves have been up to today.

Well done! You have been working really hard on your topic work. I love the passport you created for your cat. Keep up the hard work!

Well done to Mary who has been enjoying her topic learning.

Keep up the hard work Mary.


Well done to Sophia who has written a brilliant story on ‘The Present’. Keep up the hard work Sophia.

Well done to Arush. Great maths and English work today. Arush has also been enjoying playing Minecraft with Marcus. He has also been playing table tennis with his mum and dad. Keep up the hard work Arush.

Who’s been on TT Rockstars today?

Well done to Keita, Georgia H, Frank, Sophia and Eben.


It’s VE Day tomorrow. I want to say Happy VE Day to you all.

I know some of you will be celebrating.

I found lots of activities for you all: colouring, baking, reading, bookmarks, tea party ideas, stickers and Lego.

Here they are!

I hope you have an amazing weekend and VE Day.

Take care and stay safe everyone,

Miss Baxter  

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