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Week 4

Hello Owls, I hope you all had a restful weekend.


Thank you to everybody who has been in touch so far this term. If you haven't yet, drop me an email ( at some point this week, letting me know how you're getting on. I have put the work sent via email last week onto Week 3's page, have a look through it if you haven't already. Lots of you have been accessing our Bug Club, which is great to see, so keep it up.

I'm proud of you all (parents included) during this tricky time but remember it's ok if you have a wobble and I am here to help if you need it. Have a go at our extra activities for this week (Rainbow Challenge, glider and regrow your scraps) and try to come up with your own.  


Make sure you make the most of your time with your family and I hope to hear from you all. 


All my best.

Miss Ward 


What have the Owls been up to this week?

Super writing Saskia. I can see you have put a lot of effort into this.

Your comic looks great Jacob and so does that cake. What fab colours!

You have been very busy Taya. It's super to see what you have been up to.


This week will be the last week in which White Rose will upload all resources to the site for parents to use. During this week you may want to familiarise yourself with the daily lessons provided by BBC Bitesize, as they will be providing lessons that fit with the White Rose lessons. This week you will be looking at fact families and adding ones, this will be a recap for children so their understanding may be fluent already. 

Moving forward I will upload worksheets onto the website on a weekly basis to ensure you have the same access to resources. 


Monday’s lesson completes the focus of ‘al’ and ‘il’ say /l/. while the remainder of the week’s focus is adding -ed and -er to words ending in 'e'.


This week, we are looking at how to use an apostrophe to show missing letters in a word. I have uploaded a folder with a variety of activities that can support the learning of the spellings, but they are not mandatory.


This week we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Here is a comprehension activity all about VE Day. Remember to pick one chilli challenge to complete.


Keeping with our VE Day theme, I would like you to design a medal for Colonel Tom Moore. If you don't already know who he is you might want to do a bit of research first. Alongside your medal design, it would be great if you could include a thank you note to the Colonel. I have included the medal template, some information about 'Captain' Tom Moore (you don't need to complete the comprehension section), a PowerPoint all about VE Day, and a glider activity. 


This week I would like you to look at the life cycle of a plant. I have included a PowerPoint and two activities. 

You could also give this a go.

Click the link to see the vegetables you can regrow by just using the bits you don’t want. Observe what happens to your scraps over the next couple of weeks, take photos and make notes and report back, telling me what you have found.


Follow the link to see this week's R.E. activities. 

Rainbow Challenge

Have a go at this week's challenge.

Check out

The online theatre production of David Walliams's

'The Midnight Gang', 

(There is also an Education Resource pack available on the site for download to accompany it).

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