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Week 3



This week in English pupils have been continuing to look at persuasive writing.  Last week we discussed persuasive features, such as an engaging opening statement, short sentences for effect and persuasive phrases.  We then looked at persuasive devices using the acronym AFOREST.  The letters in AFOREST stand for alliteration, facts, opinions, repetition and rhetorical questions, emotive language and exaggeration, statistics and three (rule of).  As a class we looked at an example of a speech made by Greta Thunberg.  She delivered it aged 16, addressing the U.N.’s Climate Action Summit in New York City.  Pupils were able to identify different examples of AFOREST devices that Greta Thunberg used.  This week pupils wrote their own persuasive texts on the issue of climate change and thought of their own examples of AFOREST devices to use.

In maths pupils have been continuing to look at fractions.  We looked at how to add fractions within one, add fractions, add three or more fractions and add mixed numbers.

In RE pupils discussed what evidence there is for the resurrection and what hope the story gives to Christians.


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