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Week 3

Well done Kingfishers! You’ve had a fabulous first week back at school, it has been so lovely to see you all again.  You have all shown a fantastic attitude to learning and great kindness, warmth and friendship towards one another.


We have focused on the children’s well-being and on our PSHE curriculum and Jigsaw lessons this week, supported by lots of outdoor learning, and ending with our “No Pens” day on Friday. The children worked hard on delivering speeches about climate change, inspired by Greta Thunberg, in our English lesson.  Be prepared to be told about the changes you could make to everyday life, to make a difference to the planet.  I was particularly impressed with the way the children supported and encouraged one another as they spoke. 

In maths, Kingfisher group went outside with clipboards and measuring equipment to try to make accurate drawings and calculate the volume of the school.

We went outside again this afternoon to role play Gospel stories, as we explored the evidence for the resurrection in our RE lesson.

We look forward to another week of uninterrupted, in-school learning next week!

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