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Week 3



This week in English we have been looking at biographies.  Pupils looked at an example of a biography of Mary Seacole and we discussed the features of a biography.  They then tried to identify the use of these features in the biography they were given.  In the following lessons pupils created their own fact files of Emmeline Pankhurst before writing their own short biographies of her life, trying to include as many features of a biographical text as possible.  The standard of the work produced by pupils at home and at school was exceptional.

In Maths pupils continued their work on statistics, answering a series of fluency, reasoning and problem-solving questions on two-way tables and timetables.  Pupils have answered questions of multiplication and division, which we will be continuing to look at next week.

In Science pupils looked at adaptation and how plants and animals adapt to their environments.

In RE pupils looked at how churches in local area provide spiritual and social activities and opportunities to promote wellbeing and a sense of togetherness.


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