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Week 3

This week has been “Anti-Bullying Week”.  On Monday morning we thought about how we could be courageous advocates, expressing our school values of care and collaboration, by standing up to bullying. Everyone chose to pledge their support.  We will continue to learn about different forms of bullying and how to stand up against it, as we follow our Jigsaw puzzle about Celebrating Difference.

In our history lesson we found out about the experience of different Victorian children, including the apprentices at Quarry Bank Mill.  Things took a dramatic turn in our key text, Mill Girl, this week as the Chartists called the desperate workers out on strike. The children are using these ideas as they write diary entries of mill workers.


We enjoyed dressing up and role playing to learn about Victorian children.

“To everyone who has, will more be given...but to the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.” Matthew 25:29


The children did some deep thinking to interpret the Parable of the Talents, re-imagine it in a modern context and come up with their own version of this quotation from Matthew’s Gospel.


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