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Week 3

Here are learning suggestions for the week from 22nd - 26th June.

Our English work this week links to our history lessons and explores powerful, topical ideas.  All the resources referenced are written for a child audience.  Parents, you might like to read the stories yourself first and discuss the issues with your child.

Mrs Taylor's Y5 Maths Group - Instructions

English - this is a unit of work for the whole week for Year 6; Year 5, read the key text then do the writing task and any other parts that catch your interest.


The Gospels tell good news stories of Jesus as a teacher, a healer and a miracle worker.

Think about all the Gospel stories you know.  If you have a Bible, you can have a look to remind yourself.  Can you list as many Gospel stories as you can under each of the three headings?

For a further challenge…

Think about the impact these stories have on believers.  Which type of story do you think has the most powerful influence on believers? Explain your answer with detailed reference to at least one Gospel story that you know well.  Try to explain why the story you have chosen is good news to Christians today.

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