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Week 3

Hello my FANTASTIC FINCHES and your families.

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I am missing you very much.Hopefully we will all be able to catch up with each other,in some Zoom chats over the next few weeks.Your parents will receive emails containing the invites.Thanks again for all the lovely messages you have been sending me. Lacey wants to say hello to you all too!  

I would like to wish Ethan Tweed a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY for next Thursday, 25th June!


Now for the weekly memory photos as promised:

Here's our third "Month of Memories" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . November 2019:

Here's the work for this week, please just try to do your best:

Maths for week beginning 22/6/20:


Please go to '' and select Year 4.

We are now on Summer Term - week 8 (w/c 15th June) 

(not w/c 22nd June because we had a 2 week break for Whit).


Monday 22nd June: Lesson 1 - Write decimals

Tuesday 23rd June: Lesson 2 - Compare decimals

Wednesday 24th June: Lesson 3 - Order decimals

Thursday 25th June: Lesson 4 - Round decimals 

Friday 26th June: Friday Maths Challenge


Please keep practising your times tables on TT Rock Stars and here are three short tables tests for you to attempt throughout this week:

English work for week beginning 22/6/20:

For your reading comprehension this week I have chosen one about Wimbledon because this tennis tournament would normally take place in June:

Our grammar focus this week is 'DETERMINERS' (page 8 has the definitions/notes for parents):

Please continue to choose challenge 1, 2 or 3 on the weekly SPaG Mat:

Science work for week beginning 22/6/20:

For your writing and science task this week, I would like you to do some research and make notes about one of the scientists/inventors on this list and then create a comic strip to tell the story of their famous inventions or discoveries. Draw pictures in the boxes and write captions underneath to tell the story. You may wish to include speech bubbles or thought bubbles too:

Geography work for week beginning 22/6/20:

For your geography task this week, I would like you to find out which countries some of the objects and food items in your home have come from:

RE for week beginning 22/6/20:

Here are some suggested RE activities for this week:

Keep up the great work Finches. I am so proud of you all and miss you very much! Thank you parents for all your help, support and encouragement with this home learning. You are all STARS and very much appreciated.

Take care and keep safe!

Love from Miss Gregory & Lacey xx

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