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Week 3

Back in our Bubble

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Just a few photos of what we have been getting up to back in Bubble One. It’s been so great to be back, even if it is very different. Woodpecker classroom is filled with laughter, joy and learning once more.


KS1  Some of the Good News stories in the Bible tell us about Jesus making people better. In Jesus’ time, people were very afraid of a disease called leprosy.  Nowadays hardly anybody has this disease and it can be cured by doctors, but in those days nobody knew how to make people better, so it was very scary.  This week we are going to learn about Jesus making a miracle happen so that some people with this disease got better.

Watch this clip and talk about it with a grown up  - some children have acted out the story with lego:

Can you act out the story with your toys? Make sure one of them remembers to say thank you.  Maybe you and your family would like to say a prayer for people who are sick, or those who are worried about them.




We continue to follow the White Rose Maths scheme.

We are on Week 8 with lessons on arrays, making doubles and making equal groups (sharing)

Like last week there are some supplementary worksheets if you child has time and wants to complete them.



This weeks spellings involve adding the suffix -s and -es to make a word plural. 


To tie in with this weeks spellings, the phonics looks at adding -s and -es to words. 

Reading, writing and grammar

Remember you can access reading books via the active learn bug club.  If you need any additional books adding please e-mail in.  It is a great resource to use to ensure your child is reading a variety of fiction and non fiction books. 


Here is this week's Science work. There is a  PowerPoint to explore what day and night is (with a link to bitesize) and the different stages of the day and night through linked videos. There is also a worksheet that can be completed to assess understanding. 

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