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Week 3

Update - Just to clarify, our  Zoom meeting is this Wednesday at 2pm. 

Hello Owls,


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.  

Thank you to everyone who sent in a message to our class video. I got into a learning pit this weekend putting together our class video, but I persevered and managed to create one. It not only has our hello messages but I have also included some of the pictures sent in throughout our lockdown.

The only issue now is trying to upload it to our website, due to the size of the file. I am on to getting this sorted and hopefully I can get the video uploaded by the morning. If I cannot get it to upload onto our website, I will put it on our Owls Twitter page. If anyone feels they wouldn’t like to be on our video on Twitter please get in touch.

I hope you enjoy this week’s learning and can enjoy the sunshine (fingers crossed the weather forecast is correct) and get some fresh air. Remember to keep sending in pictures of what you have been up to, they are great to see.

I hope to see you all on Wednesday for our Zoom video call, I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing what you have all been up to. If you need anything, please drop me an email and I will get back to you.


All my best.

Miss Ward

Hello Owls_1.mp4

Still image for this video
What have the Owls been up to this week?

I am so impressed Evan. This is a fabuous piece of writing, well done you.

William wanted to show off his new kitten. How cute!

Although the writing topic has a reading element, I have also uploaded an additional reading resource for those who would like additional reading material. This comprehension links with our Science topic. 
This week we will be looking at writing slightly differently. I have uploaded a booklet that can be completed mostly independently. You can do as much or as little each day until the booklet is completed. There is a guidance page for parents included. 


This is additional work for those wanting to continue with our Tudor topic.

Here is this week's Science work. I have uploaded a PowerPoint to explore what day and night is (with a link to bitesize) and the different stages of the day and night through linked videos. There is also a worksheet that can be completed to assess their understanding. 

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