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Week 3

Eagles Class had a busy week. Thank you for your contributions.

Maths Tasks Week 3

You will note we are using White Rose Summer Term Week 2 resources. This is because our term began a week before most other schools after the Easter holidays.

There are two more lessons about angles in quadrilaterals and polygons then this short topic is complete.

As an additional activity this week could you make a revision guide for children of your age explaining everything you now know about calculating angles. Be creative, make it fun, interesting and colourful with lots of examples. I know you'll do a great job so please email the finished version or a photograph of it to and we can share on the website.

Writing Tasks week 3

Grammar and Punctuation

Year 6 Stretch Targeted Question Book

Please complete 2 sections weekly, ensuring that you read the explanation at the top of each section carefully first.

10–Minute Tests Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Please complete one test per week as you did for homework each week when we were in school.

Reading Comprehension

Please complete the next comprehension in the CGP book we used in school for book club.

Science Tasks week 3

To begin with this week, I would like you to use the online resources at Discovery Education.

User name     student7247

Password       Altrincham

Once logged in:

select KS2

then   science

then  videos

Now watch the first 2 videos:

'What's inside me?' and 'Absorbing nutrients and water'

Then go to Activities and have a go at the 'Absorbing nutrients and water quiz'. Keep trying until you get all the answers correct.


Discovery Education

We know how important it is to keep our heart healthy and that one thing we can do is to eat a balanced diet.

Now we are going to find out exactly what is a balanced diet? Lets look at these short video clips on BBC bitesize by following the links,




Now please read the explanation below
Now read through the power point which looks at food around the world.

Your task is to make a fact file showing why we need carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibre in our diet and which foods are good sources of each. You are all great at presenting your work in unique, engaging ways and I would love to see the end results. Email them to to share.

Art Task week 3

This art lesson has been taken from the online classroom at the Oak National Academy. Follow the link below and enjoy the 'Texture Treasure Hunt'.

Please share your outcomes by emailing to

RE Task week 3

RE with Lego

In addition, you may enjoy the

30 Day Lego Bible Challenge - Something to Read & Build Each Day

Try this fun challenge recommended by Chester Diocese, using Lego to recreate Bible stories.  Use your own Bibles or Bible story collections, or go online to find children's versions of the Bible stories to help you.

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