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Week 3

Doves Class Blog Week 3 Summer 1

Good Morning Doves,

Welcome to the third week of home learning. I appreciate your kind messages and well wishes. Hearing from you all with your achievements makes me feel proud to be your teacher. Please make sure you read every day as this is very important and supports all curriculum areas. Make sure you take regular breaks from your learning and spend time with your families.

So proud of you all and I miss you all lots!

I look forward to sharing your work on our blog this week.

Have a growth mindset and follow all of the school values.

Keep in touch by emailing your achievements and feel free to ask questions to support your learning.

Keep well and stay safe.

Keep smiling. 

Speak to you all soon,

Miss Baxter


Year 3 and Year 4 Additional Writing Task

Year 3 and Year 4 RE


Hello Doves,

Thank you to everyone who emailed in today.

Firstly I want to say WELL DONE! As many children are continuing to read their books every day. I know that we have many Harry Potter fans in our class. I am so impressed by you all for developing a love of reading. Please email in and share what you are reading.

Here is a Harry Potter activity if you would like to have a go.

Let’s have look at your achievements:


Well done!

For doing some excellent English work and reading Harry Potter. It is great to see that you are continuing with your violin lessons. Keep up the hard work!

Well done to Sophia who has been working really hard today on maths and English.

 Well done to Henry for completing this wonderful character description of Tony. You have followed the success criteria carefully and have used adventurous vocabulary. Well done and keep up the brilliant writing.

Well done for a brilliant NHS Poster. You are working hard in all your curriculum areas. You have been doing lots of maths, English and science. Keep up the hard work.

You have done lots of reading and have worked hard on the word class sorting activity. It is also good to hear that you are helping out around your house. Great links to PE as well by playing Table Tennis. Keep up the hard work!

Who’s been on TT Rockstars today?

WOW! We have had 9 children log in today!

Well done to Arush, William, Keita, Georgia H, Sasha, Sophia, Ben, Henry and Eben.

Kris our PE coach from City in the Community has provided some home learning PE resources.

You may want to have a go at some of them. Here they are.

I look forward to hearing from you all again tomorrow.

Keep learning,

Miss Baxter


Hello Doves, 

Hope you have all had a good day. 


Well done you have completed lots of reading today! 

Well done you have read lots today. It is great that you are using the Epic reading app. Brilliant science, English and maths work. 

Who's been on TT Rockstars today? 

Well done to William, Frank, Sophia, Henry and Eben. 


Some resources were sent through to the office today. 

Our love and gratitude goes to Captain Tom Moore who has raised over £29,286,525 for our NHS. Here are some resources if you would like to have a look at them. 


Finally, here is a book of Hopes that was sent for children and their families from Mrs Chrysler.


Take care, 

Miss Baxter 



Good Evening Doves,

Thank you for your emails. Let’s have a look at what we have been up to today.


Weekly message from Cathy:


Well done you have worked so hard doing your maths, English and Science. Keep up the hard work!

Well done Henry. You have worked very hard on your English, maths and science. I was very impressed with your persuasive letter.

Well done to Ben who has been working hard in maths and doing expanded noun phrases.  

Who’s been on TT Rockstars today?

Well done to William, Frank, Sophia, Henry, Georgia W and Eben.


Super work everyone!


Hello Doves,

Well done you all are continuing to work very hard and demonstrate our school values.


Well done you have worked hard in English and maths here.

I also really like your forest school and plant hunt activities.

Keep up the hard work.

Cooking up a storm here for your family. I also love your stone art. Well done for working hard in all curriculum areas.

Keep up the hard work.

Who’s been on TT Rockstars today?

Well done to Lily C, Arush, Sophia, Henry and Eben.


Tomorrow sees the launch of the Church of England’s weekly collective worship resources, with the Archbishop of Canterbury leading the opening worship.  It will be available for livestream at 10am through the TES YouTube channel: 

Please join in.


Take care,

Miss Baxter


Hello Doves,

You did it! You have all successfully completed week 3 of home learning.

Let’s have a look at what Doves have been up to today.


You are working really hard in English and maths. It is brilliant that you are learning how to play the piano. Well done!

Thank you to Lucie for sending in your wonderful persuasive letter. You have worked really hard to include all the features of the success criteria. Well done!

Well done for working hard in English and maths today. I like your persuasive letter and you have followed the success criteria. Super learning.

Who's been on TT Rockstars today?


Well done to Arush, William, Sophia, Ben and Eben. 


Have a lovely weekend Doves. 

You are all amazing! 


Stay safe and take care, 

Miss Baxter 

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