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Week 3

Hello Owls, welcome to Week Three.


I hope you are all keeping well and have been able to do some fun and relaxing things over the past two weeks. I am excited to see what you have been up to and what you get up to this week. Remember to email any activities or work you'd like me to see to . If you don't want it to go up onto the website that is fine, just let me know. 


This week, I have tried to incorporate our Summer 1 topic, which we would have completed in school. Our Topic would have centred around rainforests, so look out for the writing task and send in anything you create for me to have a look at. 


We are having a few issues with Bug Club, but we are trying to resolve the issue so we should be up and running again soon. I will post an update once we can access it again. In the meantime, read some of your books at home and ask an adult/ older sibling to ask you questions about the book. 


I hope to hear from you soon. 

Stay safe.


Miss Ward 

What have the Owls been up to this week? 

A very informative poster Avya. Great work.

What a wonderful poster Sophia!

Thank you so much for my email Esme. Great to see you using your computer skills in your English work.

Such a good idea Saskia. Using toys to help you with your Maths problems.

Great to see you having a go at our Rainbow Challenge Harry. Super effort.

Amazing work William. I am very impressed with your computing skills here and I learnt alot.

Some super research Saskia. Fantastic illustration.


We are back on-track with our White Rose Maths. Please feel free to recap measurement with your child before beginning the new week’s lessons. If they have forgotten the measurement lessons due to the jump back to fractions, allow them the time to look back at ‘Summer 1 Week 1’, as this week’s lesson move on quickly to the next topic of problem solving in lesson 4.


Monday’s lesson completes the focus of ‘el’ say /l/, while the remainder of the week’s focus is ‘al’ and ‘il’ say /l/. 

English tasks


Below are the week's tasks for English. Remember to complete the spelling lesson first and a spell check on Friday. I have included a writing task that can be done throughout the week, little by little, or over two days. 

Task 1 - Spelling 


This week, our spellings are looking at how to spell words that end in ‘tion’. I have uploaded a folder with a variety of activities that can support the learning of the spellings but they are not mandatory.

Task 2 - Grammar


This week I would like you to look at apostrophes for possession. The folder below has a poster, PowerPoint presentation and four activity worksheets. I do not expect you to complete all the worksheets, but they do give a variety of ways of looking at apostrophes for possession.

Task 3 - Reading 

Good news, we are able to access Bug Club again! 

I would like you to read ‘Adventure Kids: Run in the Rainforest’. Ensure you complete the frontpage activities and the ‘Hotspots’. This will develop understanding around the text and improve reading skills. The last page has additional activities you may want to complete too.


Remember to choose which chilli challenge you want to complete, these are indicated by the number of stars at the bottom of the sheets.

Rainforests Reading comprehension.pdf



Task 4 - Writing


Answer the question, ‘What is a rainforest?’

Here is a Rainforest PowerPoint to help you get started.

Rainforest Information PowerPoint.pptx


This can be completed over the whole week or within two ‘lessons’.

Using research, making notes, creating a draft, and then writing a final piece with illustrations.  

You can include

  • comparing them to other wooded areas (woods, forest etc.)
  • where they are found
  • the habitats within them
  • the animals found there
  • and any other research you come across

 You can present it as a poster, booklet or report, and can use a computer or paper to complete it. I look forward to seeing what you create.

Task 5 - Writing challenge


Create a description or fact file for an animal that lives in a rainforest. This can include its appearance, how it moves, and where it lives within the rainforest.


Try to include:

  • Possessive apostrophes e.g. The monkey’s tail is useful for climbing.
  • Expanded noun phrases e.g. Its long, agile tongue helps it catch its prey.
  • Interesting verbs e.g. It looks (burrows, forages, rummages) for food in the mud.
  • Some of your spellings/ phonics focus words from this week



This week you are going to be scientists by observing plants. Observation is a key skill that scientists use to ensure they understand what is happening around them and helps them make conclusions on what they have seen. Work through the Power Point and observe the flowers and trees in your garden/ local area. There are some questions and tasks you can do while out, which are in the PowerPoint.



As well as the suggestion below, you might enjoy the Lego challenge (30 Day Lego Bible Challenge - Something to Read & Build Each Day), or if you are a keen artist, there is also a competition you might like to enter. Mrs. Watkins has put the details on the ‘Class Pages’ page of the website. 


This week’s activity.

 Here is another animation of the story of the Holy Spirit.

Watch out for the wind and fire in the story. Can you think of examples of ways in which wind and fire help people?

Think about sailing boats, light, heat. Make a poster to describe how powerful wind and fire can be.

Rainbow Challenge

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