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Week 3

Flash back memory

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A little reminder that BBC SuperMovers are great fun when we need a little brain break during our learning.

Another fantastic week of work from the Woodpeckers - well done everybody

Hello Woodpeckers,

Well done on completing week 2 of home learning for the summer term.  Keep the e-mail messages and photos coming, they are brilliant and inspiring.  You’re your ideas of making cards and planting gardens I have been doing the same.  It’s fabulous to share ideas on how we can keep our bodies and minds busy and active during these difficult times. 

Again I’ve attached a photo slide show of what you have all been up to last week and these are on Summer 2 week 2.  You can also see Penny (Miss Stevens’ dog) and Dudley’s (Mrs Carson’s dog) rainbow challenge results.   Do you have any ideas on what you would like to see for the rainbow challenge in the coming weeks?

School is aware of issues with the Bug Club reading books access and this investigated this week.  

Here are your tasks for this week are under Summer 1 Week 3.  Remember these are very different times and home learning will look different for all of us.  Been kind to yourselves, your families and try your best.  Whatever you get up to Woodpeckers stay safe, keep happy and keep washing those hands. 

I miss you all,

Miss Stevens


As well as the suggestions below, you might enjoy the Lego challenge (30 Day Lego Bible Challenge - Something to Read & Build Each Day). If you are a keen artist, there is also a competition you might like to enter. Mrs. Watkins has put the details on the ‘Class Pages’ page of the website. 

This week’s activity.

 Here is another animation of the story of the Holy Spirit.

Watch out for the wind and fire in the story. Can you think of examples of ways in which wind and fire help people?

Think about sailing boats, light, heat. Make a poster to describe how powerful wind and fire can be.


The lessons are all available on the White Rose Maths website at

We are now back in sync with the White Rose Maths.  This week it is Summer Week 2 w/c 27th April and you will be finding halves and quarters.  Remember if you don’t have a printer at home you can write answers on paper.  You can also use different real objects to help you, I’ve seen photos of you using all kinds of things you find around the home as counters, pasta, smarties, coins, keep being inventive, keep making maths fun!


Task 1 – Spelling. This week’s spellings are words with the ‘or’ and ‘ore’ spelling.  Watch the powerpoint and then complete the ‘Find the Missing Word’ activity sheet. 

Task 2 – Comprehension. Read through the story of ‘The Gruffalo.’  Answer the following questions.

How does the mouse feel when he sets off on his journey through the woods?

Do you think the mouse likes the other animals: owl, fox and snake? How do you know?

Why do you think the mouse tells the other animals he is going to have tea with the gruffalo?

If you were the mouse what would you like to eat?

Which describing words/adjectives do you like best from the story?

If all the animals secretly followed the mouse, do you think they would be frightened of him too?

Task 3 – Phonics – Identify the rhyming pairs in the story.  Re-read the story and record any rhyming pairs you can find.   

Task 4 – Grammar – Draw a map of the deep, dark wood and label all the important stops along mouse’s journey.  Add adjectives to your labels to make the stops more descriptive. 

Task 5 –  Writing – Think about what you would do if you met the Gruffalo.  What would you say? Would you trick the Gruffalo like the mouse did? Write about it using the title ‘If I met the Gruffalo…’


For phonics this week you will need to access the espresso website.  Please e-mail for the log in and password as we are not allowed to share it on a public website.  The children are very familiar with this website as it is something we use regularly in class. 

In Sal’s Phonics, Phase 5, Alternative spellings, click on the ‘or’ stepping stone.  Watch the video and complete the associated games.


This week you will be using Espresso for our science.  Open and watch the video ‘why plants are important.’

Then read through the factfile ‘where do plants grow.’

Make a list of all the things plants need for them to be able to grow. 


Rainbow Challenge 

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