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Week 2

We have all enjoyed a fabulous week in Fledglings. We received a special delivery from Chester Zoo... It was a penguin egg for us to look after. They were so kind to send one for Nursery and Reception. We have been learning  about the penguin life cycle and watching as our penguin chick hatches. 

We read the story Cuddly Dudley and designed some patterned shirts for Dudley to wear. This week the children have really impressed us with investigating letters in our snow filled tuff tray. We selected objects and worked together to hear their initial sound. 

Nursery fledglings are trying so hard to trace and copy their name. We love our new name cards! 

In Letters and sounds this week we have been exploring the sounds instruments and our bodies make. We had great fun with our new musical instruments. We were very lucky to have a musical workshop in school on Thursday. We listened to the piano, saxophone and trumpets being played. We even took part in musical finger gym. 

We have queen developing our gross an define motor skills with some super ribbon dancing. Fledglings have great moves. We have been thinking about how different music makes us feel. We have also been busy learning a new rough disco routine. 

In our number work we have been feeding the penguins, counting out the correct number of fish. 

We have had some very hungry penguins. We have looked at counting up to 10 and have enjoyed singing our penguin counting songs. We explored counting on and back with the penguin rhyme 5 little penguins. 


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