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Week 2

30th April 2021

Greek mythological beasts have caught the children’s imagination and inspired some fantastic writing.  We collected ideas for thrilling vocabulary and now we are drafting each part of the story - look out next week to read some of the final pieces from our Golden Writing books.


We are having a focus on neat, clear presentation of work. Everyone is working hard to improve from where they are now, giving themselves a rating. Ask your child how they think they are progressing with this as we go through the term.


Kingfisher maths group have been working on statistics, learning about different visual representations of data. They learned how to use line graphs and pie charts, calculate mean average and distinguish between continuous and discrete data.  They reviewed learning in science last term, applying these skills to record data about heart rate after exercise.


Our book clubs are now established. Talk to your child about what they are reading and find out what they think.  They will be interested to find out what you have enjoyed reading recently, too.

Gathering data and designing graphs

Settling down for Book Club

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