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Week 2

Firstly, thank you to all our parents who attended parents’ evening online.  It was a pleasure to speak to you all.

This week pupils have been introduced to the book Mill Girl, by Sue Reid.  The book is a series of diary entries written by a young girl, called Eliza, during the time of the industrial revolution.  Eliza is shocked when she is sent to work in the Manchester cotton mills – a noisy, suffocating working environment where the work is backbreaking and dangerous.  Pupils have discussed the main features of a diary entry and have identified the use of these in Eliza’s diary entries.  The working conditions and strenuous demands placed upon children working in cotton mills during this time have come as a shock to the class!

Our Jigsaw work has been about racism and how to stand up against it. The children enjoyed designing campaign ribbons.

In Maths we have been working on addition and subtraction calculations.  Pupils have been working very hard and with great enthusiasm.  Long may that continue!

You will find this week’s homework pages on Seesaw, from the children’s CGP books.

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