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Week 2

Thanks to everyone for sharing last week's fantastic work

Maths Tasks

We continue to use White Rose Maths and the teaching videos remain at

We are using the resources for week 6 (W/B 8th June)

The worksheets and answers for Monday to Thursday can be found below.

This week you will be working on basic algebra; finding rules, forming expressions, substitution and solving simple equations.

On Friday please continue with your CGP revision book completing a topic of your choice in both the standard and advanced book.

Geography Lesson 2

This week you will be finding out about the climate in South America.

Firstly, open up the slides file below. Try to answer the questions posed and read the information carefully.

Main Activitieschoose 1 of the following challenges from the climate challenge file

Challenge 1 Worksheet 2A

Look at the South American Climate Map and use it to help you answer the questions on the worksheet.

Challenge 2 Worksheet 2B

Look at the Climate Zone Map, World Map and use them to help you answer the questions on the worksheet.

Challenge 3 Worksheets 2B and 2C

Look at the Climate Zone Map, World Map and use them to help you answer the questions on worksheet 2. When finished, challenge yourself to define each of the climates listed on worksheet 2C.



The answers to all the challenges are at the end of the work file.

History Lesson 2

In history we are continuing the theme of individuals who made a significant difference to others through their own actions.

Linking to the national discussion about whether we should have statues of people linked to the slave trade in our cities, we are going to look at the life of Harriet Tubman who was herself born into slavery.

Firstly, you should watch the BBC Teach History dramatisation of Harriet Tubman’s life which can be found at


Challenge 1

Now watch the film again but this time, take notes to help you understand the important dates, places and events in Harriet's life.


Challenge 2     Complete challenge 1 and then:

Create a timeline of the important dates, places and events and add to this other information gleaned from your own research using the internet. A good place to start would be


Challenge 3     Complete challenges 1 and 2 then:

Finally if you’ve enjoyed learning about Harriet Tubman there are some fun activities which include an online crossword, word search and quiz at the bottom of the Biography on the Ducksters webpage, again at

Art Lesson

This is another art Lesson from Oak National Academy called 'The Circle Challenge'

You will find it at

You can let your imagination run wild with this one… it’s worth taking time at the research and planning stage, to refine your ideas before you start.

Please send me a picture of your results.



Last week you learned some metaphors used in the Bible to describe Jesus.

This week, I would like you to think about yourself.  What metaphors would you use to describe yourself to others? Try to include images that reflect your beliefs and values as well as your personality, hobbies and interests.

Draw three or four different images and write a brief explanation of why you chose them.

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