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Week 2


KS1  There are lots of Good News stories in the Bible.   This week we are going to learn about a story Jesus told about two builders.  Watch it here:

Talk about the story with your family.  Try to imagine what each of the builders might say at different points in the story – you could play the clip again and pause it at different points.  You might like to draw some pictures and add speech bubbles.

Take time to reflect on the story.   When people read this story from the Bible, why do you think Christian believers would think that this story was good news?


For the maths this week you will need to log in to White Rose Maths,, Week 7 w/c 8th June.  

The lessons are counting in 2's, 5's and 10's and then adding equal groups.  The worksheets are attached.  Within the normal class environment the children will complete many practical examples of questions before completing the worksheets.  Following feedback from parents this week I have also attached some additional worksheets.  Children must aim to complete the White Rose Maths (WRM) sheets as a minimum, the additional sheets are supplementary, it is not expected that all children will complete these sheets.  




Reading, Writing and Grammar

​​​​​​This weeks Talk 4 writing is called Brian Bear  


With the lovely weather we have been having, and hopefully having again soon (fingers crossed), it is important to know some sun safety. Here is a PowerPoint to tell you a bit more about how to stay safe in the sun, an activity to show what you have learnt. There are some templates for creating a poster, if you wanted to, on how to stay safe in the sun. 

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