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Week 2


Thank you to everybody who has sent in their contribution to our video so far. If you haven't sent anything in yet, there is still time to be added to the video. It can be a poster or a picture or even a short video. It would be lovely to get all of the class involved and it will be something we can look back on. 


I am also creating a Zoom Meeting that will take place on Wednesday 24th, in the afternoon. It would be great if you can take part and have an online show and tell together. The invitation will be sent out via the office email so please look out for it.


I hope you have all had a lovely week, despite the weather, and I look forward to seeing you next week. 


Hello Owls,


It was lovely to talk to you on Friday. It was great to hear what you have been doing and having a catch up with your parents. If I didn’t get chance to speak to you, I will be trying to get in touch in the next few days. I know it is a tricky time but from what I have heard you are all doing a great job and staying positive.


Something that is making us feel sad is not being able to see our friends, so it would be fabulous if I can get all your messages to our class in the next couple of days. I can then make our class message montage video to go onto your class page. Thank you to those who have sent something in already, some have sent videos while others have created pictures/posters, so if you haven’t sent something in yet a quick note or poster would be great to see.


If you want to get in touch or send me some pictures remember to email using our class address. I hope you all have a lovely week and can get some work done while also enjoying some down time with your family.


I hope to hear from you all again soon.


All my best.

Miss Ward

What have the Owls been up to this week?

Great job Evan. Such a detailed family tree, well done.

Wow James. What a fab picture! We might need your help in a few weeks to show us what the tudors wore.


Here are this week's worksheets and answers. I have also included some colouring sheets that link with the topic. 





This week I thought it would be nice to have a look at a poem. I have included a few activities for you to have a go at.



Although there are activities within this lesson, you can utilise this opportunity to create real-life examples (for example shopping lists) instead. 


This week, we will start our new topic on a King of England.

To find out more about them I have created a PowerPoint all about their family. Your activity is to use this information to create their family tree. I have uploaded a template that you can use with pictures from the PowerPoint or you can create your own. I have included some 'Find out' questions for you to research the topic a little bit more. 


Fact about me: I LOVE all things history and I am actually reading a book about this person now. 


With the lovely weather we have been having, and hopefully having again soon (fingers crossed), I thought it would be good to get to know some sun safety. Here is a PowerPoint to tell you a bit more about how to stay safe in the sun, an activity to show what you have learnt. I have also included templates for creating a poster, if you wanted to, on how to stay safe in the sun. 


Sign Language Lesson 2

Hope you enjoyed the first lesson about family. The next lesson is on food and drink.

Note to parents: The videos are not specifically aimed at children and as such want to make you aware that there is a reference to wine within this video.


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