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Week 2

Good morning Eagles, I hope you are all well and ready for the week ahead.

I thought we would begin this week by reflecting on the incredible achievements of Captain Tom Moore; a truly inspirational man. 

He originally aimed to raise just £1,000 for NHS Charities Together by completing 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. As I write this, he has exceeded £23million in donations and by the time you read it probably even more. The nation is humbled by his support for our amazing NHS and his wise words at this difficult time.

No matter how small our own contributions may seem to be, remember that everything we do to help others and support key workers does make a difference.

What the Eagles achieved last week

Maths Tasks Week 2

Grammar and Punctuation

Year 6 Stretch Targeted Question Book

Please complete 2 sections weekly, ensuring that you read the explanation at the top of each section carefully first.

10–Minute Tests Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Please complete one test per week as you did for homework each week when we were in school.

Reading Comprehension

Please complete the next comprehension in the CGP book we used in school for book club.

Science Task 2

Firstly, watch the BBC Teach Class Clips video called: Science KS2: How our circulatory system keeps us alive.

It can be found at

It reinforces some of the learning from last week and goes onto explain the effect of exercise on your heart.,

Secondly, read the information below then with the help of an adult or sibling take you pulse before and after exercise.

Now, read the the information below about looking after your heart.

Finally,  create a poster which explains how to take care of your heart.

Once you are finished, if an adult could take a photograph of your work and email it to I will post them on the website for everyone to see next week. Come on you budding artists!

RE week 2

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