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Week 2

Please click on the links below to find maths, English and science work for this week.

For your spelling work, please can you all continue to practise the Year 5/6 word lists using the dictation sentences that you have.

Year 6 please continue to work through your CGP books for grammar, working for about an hour (probably two chapters).  You could use your Espresso log in to watch videos and do quizzes to match the chapters you are working on, using the search feature.  Also complete a comprehension from your CGP book, then check through your answers.

This week's suggestion for RE:

Last week you read a story from the Acts of the Apostles, illustrating how the Holy Spirit was at work in their ministry.

During Lent, we tried to do a daily act of kindness; Christians believe that helping others and doing good in the world shows the Holy Spirit at work.

This video explains a bit more about Christian beliefs about the Holy Spirit and the great things it enables people to do.

There are many people doing great things at the moment.  Find some examples from the news, from your community and family and maybe even from yourself.  Draw or write about one of your examples.  For an extra challenge, you could write a prayer asking for the Holy Spirit to help people with the challenges they might be facing today.

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