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Week 2

Happy Monday, Nightingale Class!


So, last week was the first proper week of home learning. It will have been different. It might not always have been easy but you did it! As we begin week two, I am sure that you will be able to achieve even more as you know what to expect.


It was an absolute delight to receive emails, photos and videos from you and your parents showing me what you have been up to. Any photos that are emailed to me will be put up onto the week's website page. If you don't want the photo to be put on the website, make sure your adult puts this in their email. 

This Week's Work

As last week, you have maths and English work for each school day. You also have a science task and a suggested R.E task. 


As last week, the answers to maths can be found on the website where the tasks provided. The answers to spelling, grammar and reading comprehension can be found at the end of the documents provided.

Wednesday and Thursday's English Work - Writing

Friday's English Work - Reading Comprehension

Pupils who are in Mrs Watkins's reading class should complete one page from their CGP book. If you would like to do more reading comprehension, you could also download the challenge for Mrs Taylor's reading class as it will still provide you with sufficient challenge.

Maths Work for Year 5 Pupils in Mrs Taylor's Maths Class

Maths Work for Year 5 Pupils in Mrs Watkins's Maths Class

Nightingale Class In Action

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