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Week 2

Doves Class Blog Week 2 Summer 1

Good Morning Doves,

Welcome to the second week of home learning. Thank you once again for your kind messages and well wishes.

I have prepared lots of new challenges for you this week.

I hope you had a great weekend and remember to have some enrichment time!

I miss you all very much and I’m very proud of you all.

I look forward to looking at your work and sharing all your success on the blog.

Keep in touch by emailing your achievements to


Keep well and Stay safe.

Miss Baxter

Year 3 and Year 4 Additional Writing Task

Year 3 and Year 4 RE


Hello Doves,

I hope the first day this week went well. Thank you for all your emails and well wishes, it is lovely to hear from you all.

Children from our school created pictures to portray our school mission statement and values. The pictures look great and they have now been added to our website.


Our School Mission Statement- Loving, Learning and Growing Together in the Footsteps of Jesus.


Our Core School Values- Care, Collaborate, Grow and Achieve.


Here is the link for you to have a look:


Everything we do at Altrincham C.E Primary School links to our mission statement and values. I would like to thank you all for continuing to follow these even though the school is closed.


First of all, I didn’t realise we had so many chef’s in Doves class. I am pleased so many of you are cooking and baking at home. This supports many curriculum areas such as mathematics (weighing and measuring), design and technology, food and nutrition in science.

Cooking up a storm for his family making yummy Lasagne. Well done for being recognised from the police for your rainbow design. He has also sent pictures to his grandma.

Well done for showing all of our values keep it up!

Great maths, spellings and science learning today. Keep up the growth mindset and demonstrating the values of grow and achieve.

Lots of cookery and school work. Thank you for the lovely picture of the blossom tree from your daily walk. Keep up the growth mindset and demonstrating all of our school values.

Baking banana and walnut cake for his family and helping his sister. Doing lots of maths, science and playing tennis in his garden.

Well done for showing all of our values.Keep up the hard work!

Who’s been on TT Rockstars today?

Well done to

Eben, Henry, Arush, Lily C, William, Keita, Frank, Sophia and Ben.


Well done today everybody!

Keep up the hard work.

Miss Baxter


Hello Doves,

I hope you have enjoyed your day.


Well done to Dilara for doing lots of drawing activities at home. Your drawing is amazing Dilara.


I am aware that many of you are enjoying your artwork and it’s lovely to see. I have also posted some artwork on our Twitter page @ACEdoves.

Here is the 25 day drawing challenge if anybody would like to have a go.

Who’s been on TT Rockstars today?

Well done to Arush, William, Georgia H, Frank, Sophia, Ben and Eben.


Final message- Remember that staying safe on the internet is very important. I have attached the O2 NSPCC bookmark for you to have a read from Mrs Chrysler.

Well done Doves.

I look forward to having a look at what you are all learning tomorrow.

Miss Baxter


Hello Doves, 

I hope you and your families are keeping well and staying safe. Let's have a look at what Doves have been up to today. 

Firstly here is the weekly message from Cathy. 

Well done! Brilliant maths, English, science and a lockdown diary. Super work and great drawing. Keep up the hard work.  
Well done to Henry for his well written setting description. Keep up the hard work! 
Well done. Brilliant maths, English and garden games. You are being really kind to your sister. Keep it up! 

Who's been on TT Rockstars in Doves Class today? 

Well done to Arush, William, Georgia H, Frank, Sophia, Henry and Eben. 


Finally Miss Baxter thought she best have a go at some art work. 

Here is my 25 Day Drawing Challenge. smiley

I have left The Drawing Challenge for some of you to have a go at. 


Can't wait to see your Drawing Challenge entries tomorrow! 



Happy drawing, 

Miss Baxter 


Hello Doves,

We have all had a busy day today!



Let’s have a look at what Doves have been getting up to.


Well done!

Well done for working hard on your spelling and for completing the word class sorting activity. I love the burger and hotdog character drawing. Keep up the hard work.


Well done!

Great maths and science work here. I have also been told that you have been busy growing your own tomatoes. Keep up the growth mindset.

Well done!

For doing lots of reading linking to The Digestive System. Reading is the most important thing of all. It is great that you saw baby ducklings on your walk this afternoon.

Keep up the reading!

Great idea here!

Using pavement chalk to draw The Digestive System. Taking learning outdoors. Brilliant keep up the hard work!

Arush has been working hard on his English work today using adjectives and adverbs. Well done!


Who’s been on TT Rockstars in Doves class today?

Well done to Arush, Lily C, William, Keita, Sasha, Frank, Sophia, Georgia W and Eben.

9 children logged in today that’s super!


PE Learning:

City in the community have sent school some ACTIVE AT HOME cards. The idea is that you can do sports at home using items you can find around the house.

Here they are!

Daily Curriculum Challenge: 

Espresso Education are now doing daily challenges for all children. These link to a range of areas in the National Curriculum. To find them each day type: #EspressoDailyChallenge

Here are some examples below. Year 3 and Year 4’s learning is Key Stage 2.

Chester Zoo:

Guess what?

The Zoo is back. Watch a live tour of the zoo at 10am tomorrow on YouTube.

Our love and gratitude goes to all the NHS workers, Emergency services, carers and all of the other amazing key workers.

Thank you all!   

Enjoy your activities tomorrow and enjoy your day at the Zoo.

Well done for today Doves.


Take care,

Miss Baxter


Good Evening Doves,

We are at the end of the week and you should all be so proud. Cathy and I are so proud of your achievements. You are demonstrating all of our school values and we couldn’t ask for more.

Let’s have a look at Doves achievements today.

Super Science learning by completing The Digestive System and all the food groups. Well done for watching videos and reading books on the Epic reading app which links to science. Reading is key so keep this up. I would like to say a big thank you for being part of the Scouts Association’s Hike to the Moon’ initiative for The Big Night In.
Great work and lots of learning. Well done!

 Great English, maths, science and lockdown diary. You are working so hard all the time. Excellent work. Keep up the growth mindset.

Well done!

Showing a great growth mindset and determination here on his character description.  Drafted until it’s perfect. Brilliant purple polishing. Keep up the growth mindset. Well done!

Cooking up a storm in the kitchen. You have been busy doing lots of creative activities including painting and making Easter tree decorations. You have been keeping active by doing Jo Wicks every day. You are working hard in all curriculum areas and enjoying doing the lock down dairy. Amazing work!

Well done Arush.

You are working hard in all curriculum areas including maths, English, spellings and science. Your character description is well written. Keep up the hard work.

Who's been on TT Rockstars today?

Well do to

Arush, Lily C, William, Keita, Frank and Eben.


So proud of you all.

Have a lovely weekend.

Take care and stay safe.

Miss Baxter 

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